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Simmons Law Firm

Alton, Illinois

Simmons - Exterior Day IMG_0876Holland Construction Services was selected for this 70,000 square-foot, 6-story renovation project.

The renovation took the building down to the existing shell, replacing inefficient exterior single pane glass walls with a more energy-efficient glazed curtainwall system. Site work involved vacating two adjacent streets to allow for additional parking, as well as removal and replacement of existing asphalt paving.

In addition to the curtainwall system, other energy-saving aspects that helped qualify the building for LEED certification included energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems and lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, and the use of regional materials.

The building’s center core office area is comprised of open cubicles with exposed ceilings. Interior space encompasses around 80 offices, some with moveable walls to adjust as needed, a deposition room and server room.

“Communication was open and timely, allowing us to stay on track, foster new ideas, and ultimately end up with a building that we’re all happy with.”

-Gregg Kirkland, Chief Operating Officer, Simmons Law Firm

Simmons - Reception Area  Simmons - Conference Room

Simmons - Bar  Simmons - John Simmon's Office

Simmons - Auditorium  Simmons - Main Lobby

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