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Holland's Pre-Construction Department Makes Improvements to Better Serve Clients' Needs; Announces New Roles & Accreditations

Jun 5, 2019 11:47:00 AM / by Kristine Lamons

Pre-Con New Titles and Accreditations (photo)

Paul Gansauer, Director of Pre-Construction at Holland Construction Services (Holland), is pleased to announce some exciting improvements happening in the department. 

With the construction industry ever evolving, two staff members recently received new titles to better describe their responsibilities serving clients with the latest in construction technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D modeling, and drone data collection and mapping. Clinton Murphy was named Holland’s Virtual Design & Construction Manager, and Chris Klostermann was named Virtual Design & Construction Engineer.

“As we as a company continue to develop better and more streamlined ways to improve the use of BIM and 3D modeling in our everyday practices, there was a need to expand their roles and responsibilities within the emerging profession of Virtual Design & Construction,” said Gansauer. He added that earlier this year Klostermann completed the Associated General Contractors (AGC) BIM accreditation course and now joins Murphy as AGC Construction Management-BIM certified. “Since joining the department last fall, Chris has quickly grasped onto utilizing these tools on behalf of our clients and is helping Holland to continue to be a leader in the industry,” he said.

Another team member to have recently received professional accreditation is Senior Estimator Laura Mollett. Mollett recently passed the certification requirements to earn the designation of Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) by the American Hospital Association. The CHC certification program is designed to provide an objective and rigorous assessment of broad-based knowledge in healthcare construction. “This knowledge base will help the department and company as we continue to do more and more work for clients in the health care industry,” said Gansauer.

Laura is the third Holland employee to achieve CHC certification. In addition, six Holland employees have received a Health Care Construction (HCC) Certificate from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE, a membership group of the AHA). The ASHE HCC Certificate recognizes that these employees have been trained to work in the health care construction environment.

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Kristine Lamons

Kristine Lamons

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