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Fox Meadows Senior Living Community

McLeansboro, IL

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Fox Meadows NFP is a nonprofit group that is passionate about its community and dedicated to improving it.

The group’s six board members have deep roots in McLeansboro, IL, and have been involved in the community for decades.

The inspiration for creating Fox Meadows came from current board member Blair Minton, a registered nurse who started developing and operating senior living facilities in 1998. Blair’s father practiced law in McLeansboro for 51 years before retiring at age 88. His dying wish was for his son to do something to help the people of the town he loved so much. From that wish, Fox Meadows NFP was born.

Due to Fox Meadows’ determination, the group was able to fund the construction of a senior independent living facility. Prior to the construction of this facility, seniors in the area had few options beyond low-rent trailers, many of which were in disrepair. Fox Meadows partnered with Holland Construction Services, Inc., on the construction of the building in McLeansboro.


Fox Meadows' Challenges

Fox Meadows’ ultimate goal was to build a high quality, affordable independent living facility for lower-income, elderly people. Other important project goals included:

  • Socializing opportunities for residents
  • Replacing an unused building with a facility the community needs
  • Providing additional economic benefits to local businesses


Holland’s Solutions

Holland’s construction team worked with architect Michael Jerabek at Worn, Jerabek, Wiltse to create a facility that accomplished all of Fox Meadows’ goals.

Socializing Opportunities

Fox Meadows knew that many of the seniors in McLeansboro were widowers. The board felt it was key to address the likely possibility that the future residents of the facility would be lonely. Providing easy opportunities for social run-ins was important in making the residents feel like they were part of a community. The facility is designed to feature many common areas and laundry facilities where residents can easily gather and get to know each other.

Replacing Unused Building

Fox Meadows needed a location that would not only be convenient for residents but also benefit the community. The former McLeansboro High School was abandoned when a new school was completed a decade ago. Having all attended school in the abandoned building, the Fox Meadows’ board members weren’t happy with its dilapidated, disused condition. The old school’s prime location meant that anyone driving in or out of McLeansboro would pass it. Tearing down this deteriorating building and replacing it with a functional space provided a much needed, long overdue improvement to the community.

Providing Economic Benefits

Because it was essential for the elderly residents to have opportunities to walk to local businesses, location was a key consideration. The site location is half of a block from of the county square, well within walking distance to McLeansboro’s restaurants and shops for food and entertainment. This offers a perk for the residents and economic benefits for the entire community.

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Lasting Results

The Fox Meadows senior living community was completed in March 2018. The facility is 28,756 square feet with 30 units spanning two floors. This new building fills a major void for elderly residents and provides a vast aesthetic improvement to a busy location in McLeansboro.

Fox Meadows selected Holland as its construction manager after a positive experience with the company on a previous construction project. Holland’s team proved that they could complete the project on time and within budget, solidifying them as Fox Meadows’ choice construction partner for future projects.

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