What Should You Ask Yourself Before Starting a Construction Project? (Part 2)

Nov 8, 2018 3:01:00 PM / by Mike Marchal

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Construction is a complex process and much is at stake, particularly your time, resources and the opportunity to do it right the first time. Before starting your project and selecting a construction partner, here are a few important questions to ask yourself.


What are the advantages of the construction management method?

One of the most advantageous construction delivery methods is construction management (CM). Construction management is a professional service, like architecture or engineering, where the CM is responsible to you for pre-construction (project planning and design phase), construction, and post-construction activities. The CM works with you and other members of your project team during pre-construction to provide detailed cost estimation and construction expertise, keeping a close eye on your project priorities (“must-haves”) and budget.

When the design is completed within the budget, the CM solicits subcontractor and supplier bids, selects or recommends to you the qualified low bidders for each particular portion of the project, and manages the various subcontractors throughout construction with staff members who work on your behalf.


How involved do I want to be in the construction process?

Do you prefer that the architect and construction partner extract what’s in your head from brief discussions and put it on paper in several quick iterations, floor plans and elevations, or do you prefer extensive, detailed architectural drawings from several structured programming and design sessions? Part of the pre-construction expertise CM’s provide is initial input on what your ideas could look like and cost. Your CM will identify your objectives to understand your vision and present you with multiple concepts that enable you to make the most informed decisions.


How important is my CM’s relationship with its subcontractors?

In this fast-paced, tight labor market, subcontractors can afford to be choosy in which CM’s they decide to work with. Select a CM with long-term, active relationships with its subcontractor partners to ensure that they are going to be able to secure the subcontractors they need to build a superior project for you. Your CM should have a history of treating subcontractors and suppliers fairly, so they remember that when they’re choosing which projects to say yes to and provide their most favorable pricing. Your CM should have a high level of organization, an emphasis on safety, and fairness and respect in the way they treat their subcontractors. That will reap the reward of consistently talented labor that is building your project at a fair price.


What kind of service can I expect from my CM once the building is complete?

Your CM should be in it for the long term. They should plan on interacting with you, the client, long after your doors are open to your new facility. Beyond the typical one-year construction warranty, they should be readily available to help solve building issues that may arise in the future. They should be a partner in your project, and that doesn’t end once you’ve moved in.


Are you ready to start your project?

Most importantly, you need to be ready to take on your construction project. Select your architect and construction company and be an active part of a collaborative team with your design and construction partners to complete the project.

Contact Holland Construction Services today to learn more about our construction management process and team. Our team will help you realize your project goals. We will make the complex process of design and construction one you will enjoy.


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Mike Marchal

Written by Mike Marchal

President, Holland Construction Services