How Can I Save Construction Costs While Building Safely?

Dec 5, 2018 3:03:00 PM / by Doug Devlin

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Minimizing costs while building safely is achievable if you choose the right construction manager (CM) for your building project. You should choose a CM whose pre-construction expertise includes how to prevent and mitigate as many project risks as possible. A CM that is fiercely committed to girding your project with important safety precautions will ensure that it remains safe and on track.


Early Identification of Potential Site Hazards

Very early on in the process, Holland’s team of safety, project management, site supervision, and estimating personnel identifies and assesses any potential workplace hazards. A site safety plan is developed to prevent potential hazards on the jobsite and acknowledged in the project budget, subcontractor contracts, and regular reporting tools. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but your CM’s safety staff should lead the effort with a zero-tolerance approach.


Continually Training Our People, Your Construction Team

You can rest assured that any and all workers connected with a Holland project are trained in worksite safety and operating procedures and standards, including but not limited to those required by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Ongoing OSHA training courses train us to recognize and avoid safety and health hazards on the jobsite. Not only does this ensure a safe worksite, but it prevents safety agencies from shutting down a site due to an accident or other safety-related incident.

In addition to rigorous training requirements, we at Holland require our project partners to identify and label any hazardous materials at the jobsite. We’re educated in the functions of each tool we use and are experienced in how to perform specific construction tasks. Our subcontractors are too. We believe that protecting our people protects you. Keeping our workers safe keeps them working, and keeps your building project on track.


Hiring Well-Trained, Experienced Subcontractors

At Holland, we carefully select our subcontractors, who also invest in the latest safety equipment and accessories to protect their workers and to minimize any risk-oriented activities that could translate into higher insurance costs for you, the client. Our workforce is trained, equipped and prepared for any onsite safety emergencies. Holland workers know exactly what to do in case of electrical, mechanical, power failures or injuries.

An experienced construction manager can help you save money while building your project safely. Contact Holland today to learn how we can partner with you to do just that.


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Doug Devlin

Written by Doug Devlin

Safety & Health Director, Holland Construction Services