How Important Is Quality Assurance to My Construction Project?

May 9, 2019 2:56:00 PM / by Mike Deihl



When selecting the construction manager (CM) to lead your project, keep in mind that quality assurance – a program for the systematic monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of a project to ensure the standards of quality are being met– is essential.

Quality assurance is not a one-time meeting or scheduled inspection, it is an on-going process that lasts throughout the design and construction process. Quality assurance should include:

  • Pre-construction review of project documents.
  • Management of pre-installation meetings to review the scope of work, identify participants and plan activities to ensure the parameters of quality are being met for each phase of work.
  • Collaboration with manufacturer’s installation instructions and their representatives to understand and review proper installation procedures.
  • Regular quality assurance inspections and documentation through quality observation reports.
  • Continual monitoring of work in progress to ensure that it meets the design intent, specifications, manufacturer requirements and other established quality requirements of the project.

Holland sees through the lens of quality from day 1

Be sure that the construction company you’re considering is focused on quality assurance. Your construction company needs to see your project through the “lens of quality” from pre-construction planning through the completion of your project and beyond. They should concentrate intently on every detail contained in your project documents, searching for potential quality-related issues and providing solutions long before they may materialize on the jobsite.


A stellar construction manager demonstrates quality assurance experience

At Holland, quality assurance has been borne from more than 30 years of building successful construction projects in all major industry sectors. We provide focus and expertise to your project which allows for the design intent to materialize through a well-planned quality assurance plan. Be sure the construction company you choose has this depth of experience and level of service. Ask for a quality control/assurance manual plan as part of the evaluation process. At Holland, we’re all in.


We build your project to the same quality standards we build for our family

To all of us at Holland and particularly within the context of quality, your facility occupants mean as much to us as our own Holland family. We are committed to building your project using the highest quality standards. Our projects are much more than dates, numbers, materials, and companies. To us, projects are real people who will soon be working or living within the walls we erect. And quality is what we do best.



Holland. Built on Integrity. Built on Quality. 

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Mike Deihl

Written by Mike Deihl

Director of Operations, Holland Construction Services