3 Advantages of Using a Construction Management Company

Dec 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM / by Ryan Savage

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Perhaps you’ve heard about the construction management (or CM) method of building a new structure or addition and are wondering how it compares to bidding it out to multiple construction companies after design is completed (also known as Design-Bid-Build). In case you’re on the fence with which way to go, let’s walk through some key advantages that the construction management (CM) method offers.


Early Involvement/Reduced Risk

A construction manager’s job is to see your idea through from conception to completion. A CM understands your budget and highest priority project goals from the start, enabling them to work with you and your architect to maximize your budget. Throughout the design process, your CM will provide guidance on all aspects of your project, provide a clear and concise timeline, and maintain a comprehensive cost analysis so there are no surprises when the design is complete.

Coordinating construction projects is the primary focus of construction managers, so they know how to run efficient, orderly, and safe jobsites that minimize project risks for both you (the owner) and the various contractors and suppliers needed to complete your project. CMs are able to vet potential construction partners for you based on their price, capabilities, current capacity, and follow-through. Based on mutual trust built over numerous projects together, CMs develop long-term, professional relationships with the companies and people who will complete your project. Combined with a seasoned construction manager overseeing your project, this ensures that you will get the highest quality work that also meets your budget.


Proactive Communication

Imagine showing up to your job to find everyone in the office working independently. There is no manager directing their efforts, and a huge project has just been assigned to you that will require everyone’s input. Each person has the skills, knowledge, and experience to complete their portion of the project, but at the deadline, this disjointed and inefficient process results in a failed project. The individual elements of the project are fine, but together, they do not meet anyone’s expectations for a successful project.

This same idea applies to a construction project. Each subcontractor is capable of completing a portion of the project, but without the right leader to guide the many moving parts, the process—and completion—will surely miss the project’s budget, schedule, and quality goals. Through proactive and timely communication with everyone involved in the project, a construction manager is able to gather information, make decisions, and direct the many moving parts required to complete your project.


Experienced Project Leadership

A construction manager’s primary objective is to make your vision a reality. They are your advocate in every interaction, acting as your voice when alternatives need to be explored and timely decisions need to be made. Construction managers have the experience it takes to properly direct everyone involved in your project. CMs protect your interests above all else during the planning and execution of your construction project. While the design and construction team is comprised of experts in their individual fields, such as architecture or plumbing, construction managers are experts in the field of completing projects that meet the owners’ goals for a successful project. From design to contracts to construction, a construction manager is your advocate for the realization of your vision.

If you’re interested in better understanding the advantages of construction management on your next project, reach out to us at Holland. Our full slate of construction services offers you our collective experience and expertise to give you peace of mind that the job will be done right. For more than 30 years, Holland has been a pioneer in the construction management industry with integrity and a can-do spirit. Contact us to find out how we can help you with all of your construction needs!



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Ryan Savage

Written by Ryan Savage

Project Executive, Holland Construction Services